ENTERTAINING, PARTY ideas + decor | August 14, 2008

The Coolest Apple Red and Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

jonathan canlas photographs of angie and david wedding

The details of this wedding celebration are incredible. Looking at the superb pictures, it is obvious that the party was filled with joy, amusement and the right amount of sophistication. I simply love it!

Getting Some Inspirations

It is simple to recycle this wedding concept for all occasions. The classical metal urn elevates the candy presentation. I imagine this setting for a garden party or a tea party.

For a shower or a teen birthday party, insert a few samples of beauty products inside miniature suitcases to create adorable party favors. You can even personalize each bag with a tag name sticker on the side.

Refreshing Color Palette

The light blue and red palette is still one of my favorites. This palette does not seem to get old. Here the wedding designer mixed different shapes aqua and Robin egg blue (also referred as Tiffany’s blue). Mixing hues and tones brings a rich feeling to a décor.

+ Pictures photographed by Jonathan Canlas – right reserved
+ Via Oh Happy Day

10 Responses to “The Coolest Apple Red and Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme”

  1. I love this color palette!

  2. thanks for the props!!!

  3. 3 caitlyn said:

    im using this scheme for my wedding in sept 2009!

  4. Caitlyn: It will be gorgeous. Plus, it is one of my favorite color schemes.

  5. 5 Becky Hall said:

    This is my wedding palette of colors, except we are adding espresso accents. Our wedding is set for June 12, 2010…we’re doing a fun, whimsical romantic setting…in the theme of a summer picnic. I can’t wait!

  6. 6 Dawn Madrid said:

    Where do I find the suckers they are adorable. I have looked many places and can only find them in the blue and white not with the red mixed in.

  7. Dawn Madrid: They were custom made for that wedding. You could contact a local candy shop who makes their own lollypops and suckers. Otherwise, I found an assortment of Tiny Twist lollipops with one lollipop in red, blue and white. They are sold at http://atk.im/5w

  8. 8 Eirikka said:

    Love the lollipops!! Where did you find them?

  9. Eirikka: You can find the lollipops at Hammond’s Candies

  10. 10 DeAnna Davis said:

    These are the color’s I am using for my wedding!!!