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Indian Cooking Tips from Hooked On Heat

hooked on heat indian cooking :: spice kit by purpose design on etsy

To be frank, I never cook an Indian meal. I eat Indian food at the restaurants. A few friends made the plunge and enjoy this adventure.

So if you do not know how to start, I suggest you stop by Hooked On Heat, a blog by Meena Agarwal. There are plenty of tasty recipes.

Newbies should read first Indian Cooking 101. To avoid frustrations, be prepared and stock the must-haves in every Indian pantry, fridge and stove suggested by Meena.

Based in the Toronto area, Meena is a cooking instructor and recipe developer so she has no problem teaching us a few tricks.

Gift Ideas for Foodies

Since spices are crucial in Indian cooking, why not buy a cute spike kit on Etsy from Purpose Design. I introduced before her brushed aluminum spice box collection. Because you will use many different spices, I suggest that you buy for yourself the large kit instead of the small one. You can store a few small spice kits for future hostess gifts.

+ Hooked On Heat
+ Large Indian spice kit by Purpose Design – price: $38 USD
+ Small Indian spice kit on etsy – price: $15 USD

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  1. I’ve eaten this stuff … its really very tasty

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