DESIGN and style, LIVING | August 11, 2008

Free Follow me on Twitter Badges

follow me on twitter badges

If you are curious about the pink plaid Twitter badge I just put on my blog, it was created by the Australian design studio Limeshot. It is so cute.

You can download your own for free. Several background patterns are available. But it is not all! If you are after any particular color, you can make a request and Ema of Limeshot will try to upload it. This is an amazing complimentary service.

You Are Invited

If you are on Twitter, I invite you to follow me. If you wish to Add me as a Friend in Facebook, please add a message that you are a reader in your request.

+ Limeshot

3 Responses to “Free Follow me on Twitter Badges”

  1. Thanks Kim, much appreciated!


  2. how do I get one of your follow me twitter badges? I saw one I like but now need to upload on my page. I’m not web savvy so please explain well. Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much Kim. Not only am I using this on my website, but I am following you now! Keep in touch.