Oxo Makes and Guarantees the Vessel Candela Lights

oxo candela flare, demi-glow, glow :: rechargeable lights designed by Vessel

This is old news but I dug it today. So I thought of sharing it with you in case you missed that announcement. When exploring the Oxo’s catalogue, I noticed the candela lights designed by Vessel marked as an Oxo product.

Curious, I investigated the matter until I discovered that Oxo acquired the intellectual property to the rechargeable lighting products from Vessel in 2007. I think that since that acquisition, the price of the candela packs may be slightly lower than they used to be.

There were production and battery problems when Vessel was producing it. As a housewares company used to deal with manufacturing issues, Oxo was better equipped to solve the problem efficiently. Vessel still collaborates with Oxo on future design.

How Do the Candela Lights Work?

If you are not familiar with the Candela series, it is a safe and rechargeable alternative to wax candle lighting. Candela produces a warm, ambient light. Two lights are often enough to lit a dinner table for 4. It comes with 4 or 8 portable and cordless lamps that rest on a tray to recharge the batteries.

They are designed to function indoor and outdoor. Candela can be left unattended and won’t blow out in the wind. They provide 8 hours of run time without fading. Each lamp has an on/off switch.

These versatile LED lights create ambiance on the dinner table, a pathway or a lounge area. They are wonderful for entertaining since the lamps can be placed anywhere you wish.

People found all sorts of usage for their Candela lights. In his product review, Stephen Aforismo said that he keeps two of them in the sidelight windows of his front door. It’s nice to make people think your home, even if your not, by having “candles” burning in the window.

The Flare, the Demi Glow and the Glow are the most practical shapes for entertaining. My favorite is the Flare. Have you ever tried the Candela lights or seen it at an event?

+ Candela collection by Oxo
+ Oxo Candela Glow, Set of 4 at Amazon.com – price:$58.72 USD
+ Oxo Candela DemiGlow, Set of 8 at Amazon.com – price:$115.95 USD

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2 Responses to “Oxo Makes and Guarantees the Vessel Candela Lights”

  1. 1 Jan Ashley said:

    I have been looking now for 2 years for an outlet in australia who caj supply me with these fantastic table lights. First saw them in The Diplomat Hotel in Canberra.. Please let me know where I can purchase some..

  2. Jan, check out the International section of OXO to find who is the distributor in Australia. They should be able to help you with your question. http://www.oxo.com/InternationalInquiries.aspx