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June 2008


Custom Floral Tableware at 3 Femmes et 1 Coussin

custom dinnerware at trois femmes et un coussin

Trois Femmes et Un Coussin imports and distributes high quality dinnerware made for restaurants, hotels and gourmets. They sell to the public too.

I am showing you their line of custom designed tableware. This modern series feels so much like summer. These items are pricier but not over the top. This is a place to shop in Montreal for wedding gifts.

The Candide oval platter (top left picture) sells for $120 CAD. The square dinner plate is $31.50 while the salad bowl is $34.50. This stylish breadbasket by Ferran Adrià costs $80 CAD.

I plan to stop by their showroom to get some plates and bowls for my prop collection.

3 Femmes et 1 Coussin
783 Gilford (corner Saint-Hubert)
Montreal, QC H2J 1N8
p 514.987.6807
Opening hours: Mon-Wed. 10-18 o’clock, Thu-Fri 10-19, Sat 10-17

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Learn more: 3 Femmes et 1 Coussin


My Canada Day Party Ideas on The Province by Cheryl Chan | News Flash

canada day party by cheryl chan on the province - featuring kim valleeIf you are still looking for ideas to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow, do not despair. I got an easy solution for you than is sure to impress your friends and family.

Simply read the casual and relaxed guide prepared by Cheryl Chan for The Vancouver Province. The owner of Bright Ideas Event Coordinators, Sharon Bonner and I share party ideas to help you organize a fun Canada Day party.

The story covers every elements of your party from venues, décor, food and drink menus, activities, and settings. I wish to thank again Cheryl Chan for this interview.

Traditional Dessert

Pouding chomeur is a classic, comfort food dessert in Quebec. Adults and kids love the taste. I will prepare and showcase the three most typical recipes. You get to see the difference between the original pouding chomeur recipe up to an upscale version served on individual ramekins.

Read the full story at Don’t stress to impress on the big day by Cheryl Chan [The Province]


The World Largest Pool Is A Crystal Clear Seawater Lagoon

world largest pool by crystal lagoons corp at San Alfonso del Mar resort

If you travel to Chile’s southern coast, make sure to stop by the San Alfonso del Mar resort to swim in the biggest swimming pool according to the Guinness Book of Records.

At more than 1,000 yards long, this saltwater man-made lagoon covers 20 acres of land. It goes down 115 feet deep and holds 66 million gallons of water.

Canoeing, sail boating and scuba diving are amongst the several water activities available at this amazing swimming pool.

A Manmade Lagoon

The need to build a huge swimming pool next to the ocean comes from the fact that the seashore is not always hospitable for safe swimming. The water temperature may too cold; the tides may be too strong.

This pool is the mastermind of Fernando Fischmann, a biochemist and Chilean real estate developer. He imagined this pool back in 1997 when he planned San Alfonso del Mar resort. In a Reuters’ video, I learned that seashores in Chile are notorious dangerous due to rough tides and strong rift currents.

To make his dream possible, he needed a new way to build and maintain swimming pools. With his team, he developed a technology that reduces both the building and maintenance costs of mammoth swimming pools.

Recycling Seawater

Fresh seawater goes in at one end and a computer system pumps out water at the other end. The efficient filtration system is combined with products and components to treat the water more ecologically. In fact, the Crystal Lagoons’ recipe calls for100 times less treatment products than a traditional swimming pool.

Crystal Lagoons Corporation can build you any size of saltwater lagoons as long as you have access to a fresh body of seawater.

Thank to Carl Charest for writing a tweet about this masterpiece of technology. By the way, you can follow me on Twitter.

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Learn more: San Alfonso del Mar resort
Via: Try making a splash in the world’s largest swimming pool… it’s 1,000 yards long [Daily Mail Online]


Traveling In Style In A Luxurious Eco-Friendly Teepee

teepee suite from perfect earth tours :: luxury eco-tourismThis story is just in time for Canada Day. Who can resist these amazing teepees?

A green living trip to Yukon offers us a chance to go back before the start of our country, to explore our wilderness while enjoying all the convenience of the best green travel experience.

It is fun to be able to indulge in luxury when we travel. I know I do. I would like to explore the natural beauty of the Canadian North someday.

It is now possible to visit Yukon in style and live a unique eco-tourism experience. This is a green vacation spot for people with a good budget. If you are planning a trip to Yukon, take a look at the amazing green resorts from Perfect Earth Tours.

Unique Accommodation

You can stay in a cabin suite but the ultimate experience is to stay in a teepee. The teepees are custom made with organic canvas. Each hardwood floor teepee features all the amenities that you find at a luxury hotel room.

Organic Beds and Bedding

Each teepee suite is equipped with two queen sized beds, luxurious organic mattress and bedding accessories by Obasan complemented by the linen by Anna Sona.


The rooms also include an individual sitting and reading area, a fireplace center piece, personal dresser, original art, complimentary stocked bar, a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, a vanity table, two DVD players with wireless headsets, satellite radio and wireless Internet access. Yes, you can get wireless Internet access and on request, the use of a complimentary laptop while vacating on the wilderness of Yukon.

Besides the spa treatment, you can do canoeing, wildlife viewing, hiking, fishing, biking, swimming. New outdoor activities will be added in Fall 2008.

How Much It Costs

Perfect Earth Tours Spa & Resort seems to propose two resorts. The hotel room fee for a Teepee at Green-Inn on the River starts at $325 a night for double-occupancy.

If you wish to get an all-inclusive package with airfare from Whitehorse to the deluxe outpost, meals, limited alcohol, guided and unguided activities plus a spa treatment, be prepared to break the bank. The entry level package starts at $6250 CAD per person for a 3 nights-4 days stay. Special rates for children under 12 and children under 4.

+ Green-Inn on the River
+ Teepee accommodation
+ Luxury Wilderness Eco Spa & Resorts
+ Via Luxury Wifi TeePees In The Yukon- 06.24.08 [NOTCOT]


Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar by Serhiy Chebotaryov

Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar designed by Serhiy Chebotaryov

I am not a fan of magnets on the fridge unless they are really special. On that point, the Dorogaya magnetic calendar clearly qualifies.

This is a great improvement over the typical paper calendar that you see on so many kitchens. Better yet, you will feel great opening the fridge door if you hang a reusable calendar.

The magnetic calendar can have a prominent space on the central message board of any household. You can place one in your home office.

How it works?

Every month is represented by a 3-letter abbreviation chip. Special chips, like Deadline, Arrival, Departure, Drink Day and Don’t Drink Day, keep track of important dates and appointments. It seems that the Ukrainian graphic artist Serhiy Chebotaryov created his Dorogaya magnetic calendar with students in mind.

The magnetic calendar uses the three dimensions. Chips can be placed one over another when they are several events on the same day.

Serhiy wrote on June 23, 2008 that he is preparing for production. His magnetic calendar should be ready to sell in a few weeks. There is no information right now about the price or where it would be available.

>>> Sourcing:
Learn more: “Dorogaya” Magnetic Calendar by SerhiyChebotaryov
Via: Trendsnow’s submission on + TheTrendyGirl


Summer Love by Silhouette Blue | Etsy Finds



The Summer Lovin’ card collection designed by Megan Nutley of Silhouette Blue really puts you in the mood for a summer party. 

I like Megan’s summer collection because these icons evoke simple pleasures. The basic youth charms still seduce us.

My favorites are the bike, the lawn chair and the Popsicle. The greeting cards of the Summer Lovin’ collection are also sold individually on the Silhouette Blue’s Web site.

The Hula Hoop is available as a fill-in invitation set.

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Summer Lovin’ Card Collection by Silhouette Blue on etsy – price: $10 for set of 6 cards
Buy online: Float Personalized Stationery Set by Silhouette Blue on etsy – price: 25 for a set of 20 note cards with envelops
Buy online: Hula Hoop Party Invitation by Silhouette Blue – price: $10 for 8 fill-in invites
Buy online: Summer Lovin’ Individual Card on Silhouette Blue – price: $3 each


Vintage Kitsch Note Cards and Gift Tags by Kooties’s Closet | Etsy Finds

turntable :: vinatge bicycle :: sputnik fixture note cards :: etsy seller Kootie'sCloset

Last week, I went to the 40th birthday party of a friend. P. was the DJ for the night. He played tunes that were significant to the several epochs of his life. Although these vintage illustrations are way before his time, these drawings inspire me.

All the cards designed by Kai of Kootie’s Closet are available on etsy as personalized note cards, hello cards or thank you cards.

Living in Florida, Kai works as a graphic designer specializing in mid-century & modern illustrations, vintage inspired patterns and vintage graphics restoration

Her gift tags would complement well a kitsch party theme. Use them for your party favors.

The 50s bicycle is adorable. I really like the details of the drawing. Why not organize a ride in the country with your friends this weekend?

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Vintage Kitsch Foldover Gift tags by Kootie’s Closet – price: $5.50, set of 5
Buy online: Turntable Personalized Notes by Kootie’s Closet – price:$20, set of 12
Buy online: Sputnik Hello Cards at Kootie’s Closet-price: $10, set of 6
Buy online: 50s Bike Thank You Cards by Kooties’s Closet-price: $10,set of 6
Via: biking beauties [marta writes]


Modern-Twist Reinvented the Doilies with Doileez

doileez by modern-twistKat Nouri, the founder and creative director of Modern-Twist, informed me today about her latest products. I am a huge fan of Modern-Twist ever since I first lay my eyes of their products.

Modern-twist brought silicone to your table with placemats, fun coasters, napkin rings and wine tags.

This time, Kat introduces a new collection of modern and food-safe doilies. So no more paper lace cake dollies that you throw away at the end of the party.

Available in two patterns, Doileez deliver the same soft touch feeling and ease to clean than their reputable placemats. I owned several placemats than I totally adored.

The food-safe, hand-silk-screened Doileez are not just for decorating food presentations at parties. Doileez fit well under vases and centerpieces to protect fine wood furniture. The hardest thing will be to choose which one to buy between the Clusters or the Loop patterns.

I will cover the rest of their other amazing products from the Fall collection later on.

June 30th, 2008 Update: Doileez was added to the online catalog of Velocity Art and Design. Velocity predicts a delay of 2 to 3 weeks before delivery. Be aware that since it is a new manufactured product, it may take more time for the first batch to arrive.

+ Doileez by Modern-Twist
+ Modern-Twist Doileez at Velocity Art and Design – price: $25 for 2


Folding Camping or Picnic Tables

folding picnic tables :: adirondack :: travelchair camping tables

Having a small table when you go for a picnic adds comfort. You can use it for the food, your radio or a lantern. These two models are easy to transport.

The Adirondack folding side table is a cute option if you travel by car. Target sells in an impressive 14 colors. Prices vary with the colors. I am showing you the moss, the middle range price at $39.99.

I bought a modern version at IKEA a few years ago. I put it next to my terrace door to deposit bags and plates. I tinted with outdoor wood stain. It does not seem to be available anymore.

The Nacho Portable Folding Table is super easy to transport. It is ideal for camping and hunting trip. Available in several in several cloth colors, the only downside is that it lacks panache. Check the Folding Camping Picnic Tables department for more models and colors.

More sources of inspirations and accessories for a picnic:

>>> Sourcing:
Buy online: Moss Adirondack folding side table at Target – price: $39.99 USD
Buy online: TravelChair Nacho Portable Folding Camping Table Red at ComfortChannel – price:$35.99 USD


Get Inspired by IKEA Summer Collection for Canada Day and the Fourth of July

ikea summer collection :: dyning :: sommar : fourth of july : canada dayLiteral party themes are not my thing. You do not need to fill the room with maple leafs or over saturate the space with the flag patterns like it is suggested by the mass produced dinnerware and party supplies.

You can still show your patriotism at your party by doing it on a more subtle way. Deconstruct the element of the flag, reinvent the color palette by adding a trendy accent color. The idea is to create a unique modern and more sophisticated party scheme.

If you look closely at these styled pictures by IKEA, you can devise around the Summer IKEA collection a beautiful scheme to celebrate either Canada Day or the Fourth of July. At least, you will be able to enjoy the stuff the rest of the summer.

Dining On the Lawn Setting

Do a picnic in your backyard. Lay down several eating areas with DYNING, a beach mat available in red and light blue.Fill the floor with red and white HEMÖN rugs, SOMMAR table runners and GRENÖ round cushions.

Hang multicolor wind-sock on the tree to create an instant festive look. Create your own with a flag using SOMMAR as a template.

Individual Lunch bags

Stock SOMMAR beach bags for everyone. Use it as a welcoming party favor. Or fill each beach bag with an individual lunch. Assign a color to each lunch type: red for the meat sandwich package, yellow for the fish or poultry based package and blue for the vegetarian lunch.

Block Candle Lanterns

Fill small and medium height lanterns with red and blue SOMMAR block candles. If you do not find the lanterns in the right colors, you can paint the lanterns with outdoor metallic paints.

Sharing Your Opinions

I gave you ideas to think outside the box for your Canada Day or Fourth of July party. I want to hear your view about the question. How do you plan to celebrate Canada Day or the Fourth of July this year?

+ DYNING mat beach at IKEA – price: $12.50 CAD
+ HEMÖN rug at IKEA – price: $7.50 CAD
+ SOMMAR table runner at IKEA – price: $3.50 CAD
+ GRENÖ round cushion, assorted colors at IKEA – price: $8.50 CAD
+ SOMMAR Wind-sock at IKEA – price: $1.50 CAD
+ SOMMAR beach bag, available in assorted colors at IKEA – price: $0.75 CAD
+ SOMMAR block candles – price: $1.50 CAD