The $50 Deli-Flower Challenge by New York magazine

The $50 Deli-Flower Challenge by New York magazine

Watch this video where New York event planner and designer David Stark creates cute flower arrangements from flowers available at the Deli shops. I was surprised to see how the boring carnations could become a lush backdrop for a floral arrangement. You can learn a few simple tricks by watching how David Stark gave style to ordinary carnations, daisies, gerberas and roses.

Another Concept

For the same challenge, artist and landscape designer Paula Hayes arranges lilacs and alliums on a vase she designed. Even though these two flowers are part of my favorites, I did not like what she did with it.

Look in your own backyard

Our lilac tree is in bloom right now. Lilac smells so good. I will find the time tomorrow to show you my own arrangements. Hopefully, I can create something that I will be proud of.

New York magazine converted everyday objects as flower vessels. This is another way to easy give a punch to a simple bouquet. Check out the post on Apartment Therapy NYC for more ideas.

+ Via: PlantTherapy: The Everything Guide to Flowers [Apartment Therapy NYC]

+ Derivations on the Lilac Flowers

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    Derivations on the Lilac Flowers