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Style Sheet: The New HGTV.ca Blog

style sheet by hgtv canada

With what I do for living, you will not be surprised that I watch HGTV Canada a lot. HGTV just launched their blog cutely named Style Sheet.

Style Sheet blog design is adorable. It is so girly with a summer vibe. They manage to keep their posts short yet instructive.

I leave you with a story about a Laundry Room makeover they did on The Style Dept.. The laundry room was filled with nifty accessories and electronics. I recalled watching that episode. The Splurge Vs Steal Column is also interesting.

My little moment of pleasure, they like At Home with Kim Vallee (ref. blog roll).


I will not post on Thursday; I have an important appointment that will occupy me all day long. Starting next week, I will be featuring 2 Guest Bloggers. I will keep the names a surprise.

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Via: Clean Sweep: Laundry Room [Style Sheet]

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4 Responses to “Style Sheet: The New HGTV.ca Blog”

  1. 1 Emily@designsmack said:

    Thanks for the head’s up! I”m glad they have a blog now. I actually didn’t care for that laundry room; I also have The Wish which featured it). It’s the floor – it looks too much like something from an indoor public swimming pool. Probably just me!

  2. Very useful infos and tips. Nice photographs, happy to have found this place!

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  3. I’ll definitely be checking out their new blog, thanks for the post.

  4. I’d like some color advice if you do that. I have 2 burgundy pieces of furniture, mauve walls, light blue flowered curtains & light blue ceramic tiles. We just purchased a chair which is sort of an olive green/gold color. I now don’t like the color of the walls. Do you have any suggestions?