ENTERTAINING, PAPER goods | January 11, 2008

Ceramic Memo Pad

ceramic memo pad at see jane work

Often while you are at the phone, you need to write something just for a while. And you throw the paper after. Why not use something that can save a tree?

That is the premise behind this Ceramic Memo Pad. You simply write your message with a basic dry-erase marker. Once done, wipe the board clean and you have a clean slate.

I know that it would not help you with your grocery shopping. But you can use this Ceramic Memo Pad as a tiny communication board for members of a household.

I like the fact that it has a non intrusive design so people visiting will not notice it. Better yet, your space stay clean since you would not get papers pilling up because you forgot to throw them away.

The Ceramic Memo Pad makes a neat housewarming gift. Show up at the door with a couple of pads nicely wrapped. Unfortunately you have to wait before making your friends jealous because See Jane Work is currently out of stock.

Buy online: Ceramic Memo Board at See Jane Work – price: $11.50
Via: Apartment Therapy San Francisco

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7 Responses to “Ceramic Memo Pad”

  1. I scribble things down a 100 times a day…to later loose the notes, then months later shred and recycle. I love this idea….no notes to loose, shred or recycle!

  2. i love this idea because like Eddie i’m a big scribbler too! i carry around a note book with me to write down all my ideas and thoughts throughout the day but a little erasable memo pad for me would save me huge at work and at home since i always throw away my little yellow stickies all the time. such a waste.

    great post!

  3. 3 Denise Baker said:

    This is the best idea. Not only is it practical it is also super stylish – I love it!

  4. Hello Kim, great product! I just ordered all they had in stock (5) for our office.

  5. Hi again Kim. This is too cool. I love this!! What a great idea. I will pass this along to eveyone I know.

    Take Care,
    Sabina ~

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