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Etsy watch | Fresh Gourmet Dishware Collection by Lorena Barrezueta

french Gourmet dishware by Lorena Barrezueta

Artists can take the simplest things in life and elevate them to a higher ground. This is exactly what the talented artist Lorena Barrezueta from Brooklyn, New York did with her Gourmet Collection. This tableware collection is huge.

The tasty wink to disposable tin food container can become a conversation starter at your next party. Gourmet pieces are made of fine porcelain in three finishes. My favorite is Fresh for the array of wonderful colors like salmon, lemon, chartreuse, green, and turquoise.

The next time you will get invited to a potluck, why not bring your food in a witty fine porcelain dishware like those? And you are sure to receive lots of invitations if you can leave it as a hostess gift.

I am letting you on a secret: I wrote down a few pieces so I can ask Santa Claus when I will see him. You can find them at several specialized retailers. Naturally, Lorena Barrezueta has her own etsy shop.

Buy online: Rust Red Nibble at lorenabarrezueta on etsy – price: $20 USD
Buy online: Green Meal at lorenabarrezueta on etsy – price: $55 USD
Buy online: Dine pie plate at lorenabarrezueta on etsy – price: $55 USD
Buy online: Classic Mac n Cheese at lorenabarrezueta on etsy – price: $70 USD
Artist: Web site of Lorena Barrezueta

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