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Introducing an expandable flower vase named Vazu

Vazu flower vase by T.H.+E. Design Group

This post is about an innovative product that makes an affordable hostess gift or housewarming gift. This does not mean that you cannot just bring a couple to your home.

Update August 22, 2007:
Stop by the florist to get fresh flowers and your hostess or housewarming gift is set. I appreciate the fact that I can bring the vase with a bunch of flowers without having to carry a heavy lift. And there is no chance to break the vase either. (Thanks to Eden – see comments).

A one of a king flower vase design

Vazu is a flower vase like you have never seen before. What is so special about Vazu is that it is thin as a paper sheet when it is flat. And do not be fool by how little it weights, this flower vase is strong and durable.

Once you filled it with water, the transparency and glossiness of Vazu resembles a glass vase. The first collection of Vazu contains 16 models in three different shapes. The arrays of patterns mix modern and classic designs. Vazu is the design of T.H.+E. Design Group located in Israel.

Sold for $12 CAD at The Water Shoppe in Toronto, this expandable plastic vase enables you to carry around flowers without a leak. At this price, you can afford to use them as the vase centerpieces for a large family affair event.

My dose of Sweet Nothing

I discovered Vazu via the Sweet Nothing newsletters. Since Joanna Track launched it in June 2004, subscribers to have received a daily fix of trend spotting lifestyle and shopping guide in their inboxes Monday through Friday. There are five editions: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Sweetmama.

Learn more: Web site for the Vazu flower vase designed by T.H.+E. Design Group
Learn more: Web site of

+ Montreal-based TOMA expandable flower vases
+ Expandable flower vase at Plastica of Los Angeles
+ Christmas Vazu Collection at Vases by Vazu


19 Responses to “Introducing an expandable flower vase named Vazu”

  1. What a wonderful idea. I’m always looking for inexpensive hostess gifts other than wine and flowers. Although I’d probably include flowers along with the vase. Best of all, when not it use, it doesn’t take up much space.

  2. 2 At Home with kim vallee said:

    Thanks Eden. Bringing the flowers slipped my mind.

  3. 3 Mélanie said:

    Hello Kim,
    In Montreal, did you know that you can find vases like the one you wrote about at
    For my events, I often work with Anne Thomas, the president of this design agency. She is so sweet and very creative. Her office is on Mont-Royal Avenue.

  4. 4 At Home with kim vallee said:

    Mélanie: Thank you for sharing this information.
    The tip was so good that I had no choice but to write a post about it. Read it on.

  5. This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in ages. I’ve never seen these around where I live in Detroit. But I have to get these.

    And I really like your tip about bringing flowers to a party already in a vase. These are the perfect solution. Thanks!

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    Another source of expandable flower vase at a Los Angeles retailer

  7. 7 Linda D. said:

    Thank you. Following your recommendation, I have contacted Adamadesign (the authorized distributor in North America, located in Canada). The product is a big seller in my store, thank you again for introducing me to Vazu.


  8. 8 At Home with kim vallee said:

    Linda D.: I am happy for you.
    If you want to send me the name and address of your shop, I could publish it as another source. Please, use the contact link to send me the coordinates.

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    Digging a new North American source for the folding flower vase Vazu

  10. 10 Michael young said:

    Thak you very much for introdusing the Vazu. The Guys from T.H+E. Sent me to their distributors in Canada ( and they provided me with this great product!!!!
    Thanks again!~

  11. 11 At Home with kim vallee said:

    Micheal: I am really glad I could help you.

    BTW, I bought a Vazu for a friend and I was pleased with it.

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    Bring fresh flowers inside a Christmas Vazu

  13. 13 Mary anne said:

    What is the Christmas Vazu? are those amazing vases come in a Christmas pattern?
    If so where can I get them?

  14. 14 At Home with kim vallee said:

    Mary Anne: Yes, the Christmas Vazu are the same vase available in three Christmas themes. sells them online to consumers. Otherwise, a few gift stores and flower shops may have them on stock. For more details, look at my post:

  15. 15 Micheal said:

    From what I know (from the Israeli manufacturer)all the Vazu vases are sold by adama-design ( to the north america markets.
    I also call adama menager(Sharon Novak 1.416.826.1550) and already ordered some christmass line vases from him.
    So that is a second option to get the Christmas vases (at least for store owners).

  16. 16 Brian said:

    This is an awesome concept. I found the US distributor for these at

  17. 17 Linda D said:

    One can also order these amazing vases from
    They have some other very interesting and unique products as well!

  18. 18 Bruria N. said:

    I surf the vazu home site,, and found the link to their online shop . Good price and service, and looks updated by the newest products.

  19. Oh dear it’s really wonderful git idea and i like creative blog. Good to know about that flower vase named Vazu. One can purchase nice gifts baskets or flower bouquet and vase from I find it very helpful and it contains details of flower shops in Canada and allow us to send flowers locally and internationally.