French style outdoor dinner party

French style formal outdoor dinner party

Today, I want to talk about a formal outdoor dinner party. I selected a French style theme because French cuisine is truly elegant. This may be the perfect occasion to hire a chef at home.

Tips on how to hire a chef at home

Whenever you are hosting a formal at home dinner party, it is best to hire the kitchen staff along with the service staff. Even a small group of 6 to 8 persons requires a lot of work to prepare and plate an exceptional menu. Let’s face it, we want to enjoy the night with our friends, not being in the kitchen stressing out. The best hosts are the one who have the time to entertain their guests.

With the chef at home trend, you should not have any problem hiring a chef of your liking for your event. You can look on the Web or contact the best caterers in town.

But do not be surprised if the number of staff persons they suggest is higher than what you expect. Formal dinner requires more works. When you hire a chef at home, it starts with a meeting with the chef to plan the menu. They often worked with a sommelier, so you can harmonize the wines and the dishes.

If you have a few special wines, it may be the perfect occasion to drink them. In this case, tell your intention in advance to the chef so he comes prepared with meal ideas at the meeting.

I am showing you pictures from the renowned French chef Georges Blanc as an inspiration of the type of food you should serve at your event. These photos are dishes you can taste at his restaurant located in Vonnas, France. In 1981, Georges Blanc won his third Michelin stars. Sadly, he will not win a star for the efficiency of his Web site.

A chic French outdoor dinner party

Fine French cuisine by chef Georges Blanc

The furniture is from Brocade Home outdoor collection. The chandelier on sale at $399 USD is available in pistachio, pebble or clear crystals. I select dark furniture because the look is more classical. The brocade fabric is a must.

I went to Gracious Style for the dinnerware, flatware and glassware. Monogrammed dinnerware looks great in a formal setting. Because the dinner party is outside, you can use some hint of color. The patterns are simple and traditional.

I absolutely adore contemporary Limoges dinner set by Raynaud. I show you Tropic in green, pink and blue. You can have your monogram to the pieces. You can mix it with the Pareo charger. These dinnerware models are in my top 5.

The Springtime collection by Varga Art is gorgeous. For a perfect match with Tropic, get the Varga Art exclusive stemware collection that can be monogrammed. The blue, pink or green colors were color matched with the Raynaud Tropic dinnerware. That is stylish.

I selected a true French flatware masterpiece with Marie-Antoinette by Mariposa. Handmade as it once was for 18th century royalty, this fine Victorian flatware features lustrous handles and ornate silver cuffs. It looks old and beautiful.

The Oak Leaf Pitcher is detailed with an acorn and oak leaf border.  Hand crafted from solid pewter, this is a gorgeous pitcher that can worked as well in a rustic setting than in our French style formal outdoor dinner table. At $275 USD, this pitcher makes a wonderful wedding gift.

French cuisine: Web site of Georges Blanc
Buy online: Outdoor collection at Brocade Home
Buy online: Raynaud Tropic dinnerware collection at Gracious Style
Buy online: Varga Art glassware at Gracious Style 
Buy online: Marie-Antoinette flatware by Mariposa at Gracious Style
Buy online: Oak Leaf Pitcher at Gracious Style

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