Divine summer party themes for grown ups

Modula pergola by Gandia Blasco

Today I want to show you wonderful setting for summer grown up parties. The outdoor furniture pieces are sublime and pricey. But you can plan for such luxurious parties for less if you are clever and you like to shop around.

My suggestion is to take the ambiance, to try to recreate the mood and to hire some service staff to fully enjoy the party on the beach or at the cottage.

These photos are all products from the fabulous Spanish outdoor life manufacturer Gandia Blasco. Since its debut in 1941, Gandia Blasco’s activities have changed through the era. Now Gandia Blasco mainly produces outdoor furniture, accessories, pergolas and lighting.

Their collection turns around modern, fresh products with personality. Four stores in Canada sell their products and many more in the United States.

Party inspiration from Gandia Blasco

The pergola setting is called Modula. It is an inclining pergola system leaning against the wall made of anodized aluminum and movable canroses of plastic material. Modula only have cloth in the upper part. You can build a similar structure and drape around the structure outdoor fabrics to recreate this setting.

Furnish the pergolas with lounge furniture or deep homemade benches with lots of comfy cushions. Decorate with large candles and fruit bowls. Day beds are a must. Plan to have a few if you want to host the next hip party under the sun. Put some day beds under the sun or the stars.

You can set up a bar area under the pergolas, ideally with a mixologist. If you do not know that it how we call bartender that create its cocktail recipes instead of just mixing drinks behind a bar.

Everything does not have to be monochromatic but limit yourself to two complementary shapes to create a sleek look. You can add some greenery or flower arrangements. The key is to use a single variety that you stage in a row pattern. Repetition gets you the trendy look. Look at the lamp poles in the background of the first picture to understand what I mean.

The tents are called tipi. Each one comes with a bed. For less, you can use standard tents if you make sure they look good and are all of the same colors. Set up a large barbecue area and a big fire for later.

Merendero by Gandia Blasco

Merendero is a dinner for four space. The whole creates the impression of being in a room. Very innovative, Merendero has a drape roof and two privacy walls. I think Merendero is better suited for corporate events or in the hotel business. But I show it to you because it is fun and new.

Canadian retail stores that sell Gandia Blasco’s outdoor living collections are:

  • Bonaldo in Montreal – 407 Saint-Laurent
  • Kiosk in Toronto – 99 Jarvis
  • Inform in Vancouver – 97 Water Street
  • Living Space Interiors in Vancouver – 188 Kingsway

Link: Web site of Gandia Blasco

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