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Follow up to my No-Knead Bread story

Apple and Cheddar crostini recipe - Croute aux Pommes et au CheddarThe Pain Maison from Eric Girard has many holes on it as you can see on the picture. You cannot compare this bread to the texture of a baguette; that is two different things. The recipe produces a rustic bread loaf with a crispy crust.

Rustic bread is often better toasted, which makes this recipe perfect for breakfast or to prepare yummy French toasts. I serve my French toast with a couple of spoons of homemade jams on top. I cook my jam fresh on the spot, so I use it while it is still warm. You can pour a little bit of genuine maple syrup to finish it up.

After digging more this morning, I read some comments on the Web about the lack of taste of breads made with the no knead technique. It may be true with the NY Times recipe. But knowing the well-deserved reputations of the two chefs that I talked about, I feel confident that the recipes of Eric Girard and Michael Smith taste good.

One thing is clear: delicious recipes begin with best of the crop products. For success, it is crucial to start with a top of the line flour, preferably an organic one.

Michael Smith‘s Real Bread seems to have fewer holes than Eric white bread. I took the photo from Michael Smith’s Web site, so I assume this is the actual product. In fact, it is gorgeous whole wheat bread.

With more than 100 loaves under its belt with its No-knead artisan bread recipe, it is fair to say that Michael Smith took a look at many aspects. I suggest you sign in to its quarterly newsletters; this is how I got its Real Bread recipe.

I want to finish this follow-up by giving you another great recipe from that same A la di Stasio episode, Dyan Saloman, the cook at Olive & Gourmando, used the no-knead bread of its partner Eric Girard to make a crostini recipe. It will be a hit as an appetizer or for quick snacks. This recipe comes handy for the nights where you prefer eating a light supper made of a nice soup.

Apple and Cheddar crostini recipe (Croûte aux Pommes et au Cheddar)

A recipe by Dyan Saloman of Olive & Gourmando


Thinly sliced green apples, use a mandoline for perfect slices
A few drizzles of hazelnut oil, nut oil or simply olive oil
Slices of bread, fresh or toasted
Chopped roasted hazelnuts
Slices of Aged Cheddar, Manchego or another kind of cheese that you like

In a bowl, mix together the apple slices and a little bit of oil. Layer the hazelnuts, the oiled apple slices and top it with cheese. Grill it until the cheese is soft.

Link: Croûte aux Pommes et au Cheddar by Dyan Solomon and Eric Girard of Olive et Gourmando as seen on TV at A la di Stasio
Link: To subscribe to Michael Smith’s newsletters
Link: Web site of Olive & Gourmando, a bakery-cafe located in Old Montreal

+ No Knead Bread 101


No knead bread 101: Michael Smith vs Olive & Gourmando baker home recipes

No knead bread - Eric Girard\'s homemade recipe

Bread machine and kneading are obsolete with the latest crave for no-knead bread recipe. Since the New York Times published an innovative No knead bread recipe last November adapted from Jim Lahey’s recipe at Sullivan Street Bakery, everyone made its own version.

I discovered the technique a couple months ago while watching a TV series called A la di Stasio. This show is very popular in Quebec. The recipe was given by Eric Girard, the baker of the hip and popular Olive & Gourmando bakery-café located in Old-Montreal. I was hooked.

Last week, one of my favorite chefs Micheal Smith published its No-knead bread recipe in its newsletter. Michael Smith made a normal size loaf recipe plus a larger loaf recipe, which is handy when you are entertaining. His recipe is for the more nutritious multi-grain bread. The whole wheat no-bread recipe is something different than the rest.

Basically, the three recipes are quite similar. The no-knead bread technique works on the principle that the dough has to rest for 12 to 18 hours instead of kneading it. Yeast needs time to create its magic.

While I was watching A la di Stasio, Eric Girard talked about small details that make a difference. So I want to share them with you. Moisture is crucial to activate the yeasting process. Since summer is a more humid period, the dough can rest only 12 hours. If you live in Canada and anywhere other than the south, plan for an 18-hour resting period the rest of the year.

If you use organic bread flour, you need to adjust the water quantity as the organic bread flour is more or less absorbent (I do not recall which) than an all-purpose flour.

Bread flour has more gluten, more protein and minerals than all purpose flour. Bread flour will expand more which is what you are looking for in breads. Apparently, white all-purpose flours in Canada have a higher gluten content than the United Stated. So it is something to take into account.

Micheal Smith\'s bread recipe

Whole-wheat bread flour raises less. I think this fact explains why Michael Smith recipe calls for a second round of yeast raising for about 2 to 3 hours. Most whole wheat bread recipes suggest using some part of white flour. That is what Michael Smith’s recipe does in its recipe.

To give you an idea of Micheal Smith’s Real bread recipe, here is the list of the ingredients for a normal loaf:

  • 2 cups of all-purpose or bread flour
  • 1 cup of whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup of any multi-grain mix
  • 1/4 teaspoon of dry yeast
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 5/8 cups of warm water

I just bought a bag of organic whole wheat bread flour. I like to hear from you if you give Micheal Smith’s Real Bread recipe a try. A link to the complete recipe is at the end of my post.

Eric Girard’s no knead bread recipe (Pain Maison)

I translated Eric Girard’s homemade bread recipe. This is the no knead bread recipe he does at home. This is not the bread he bakes at Olive & Gourmando.


  • 3 cups organic bread flour or organic all purpose bread
  • 1/2 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 3/4 – 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup of bran flour for dusting
  • A very hot preheated round Dutch oven – cast iron or enamel

In a bowl, mix the flour, the yeast and the salt. Add water and slowly mix with your hand until you form a ball with the dough. Gently deposit the dough in a large bowl and put a plastic wrap to cover the bowl. Leave it to rest 12 hours in summer, 18 hours in winter.

Preheat the oven at 500 °F (250 °C). Heat the Dutch oven for 30 minutes in the oven with the lid on.

Lightly flour a work surface with the bran flour and place dough on it. Fold the dough towards the center in four folds to form a navel.

Be careful and remove the Dutch pot from the oven. Deposit the bread with the navel below. Put the lid on and cook at 500 °F (250 °C) for 30 minutes. Remove the lid and cook for another 10 minutes. This will create a nice colored crust. Let the bread cool on a grill. Enjoy your masterpiece!

The links to the two other recipes are below. I will like to know which one of the three recipes you prefer?

Link: No-Knead Bread recipe in the New York Times
Link: Real bread recipe by Michael Smith
Link: Pain maison by Eric Girard shown at A la di Stasio TV show

+ Follow-up to No Knead Bread 101


Fun accessories for a casual cocktail party

Fun party accessories at The Sister Spoons - headstand stool for qed design

I was looking for little things that will add amusements to a cocktail party setting. I went to The Spoon Sisters online store since they carry unusual stuff.

I found three inexpensive party accessories. If you want to throw a cocktail and you do not take it too seriously, these are perfect frills.

First, I found some cocktail paper napkins. Depending on the type of party you do, you can choose Hello My Name Is Paper Napkins or the Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins. For $3.95, you get a set of 12 white paper napkins measuring 5 by 5 inches.

The olive candles come in a box of 16. The candles mimic green and black olives. They are about 1 inch high. A box costs $ 6.95.

The design lover in me has to add something more stylish. I scour my sources for cool stuff. Eureka! The headstand stool from German studio qed design will add a modern twist. Apparently, the seat is weighted at the base and moves with the user.

A few Headstand stools will be a hit in a cocktail party. It can be a way to know if you need to fill in the Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins.

Link: Party Accessories at The Spoon Sisters online store
Link: Web site of qed design
Via: MoCo Submissions – Furniture: Apr 25, 2007 on MoCo Loco


Divine summer party themes for grown ups

Modula pergola by Gandia Blasco

Today I want to show you wonderful setting for summer grown up parties. The outdoor furniture pieces are sublime and pricey. But you can plan for such luxurious parties for less if you are clever and you like to shop around.

My suggestion is to take the ambiance, to try to recreate the mood and to hire some service staff to fully enjoy the party on the beach or at the cottage.

These photos are all products from the fabulous Spanish outdoor life manufacturer Gandia Blasco. Since its debut in 1941, Gandia Blasco’s activities have changed through the era. Now Gandia Blasco mainly produces outdoor furniture, accessories, pergolas and lighting.

Their collection turns around modern, fresh products with personality. Four stores in Canada sell their products and many more in the United States.

Party inspiration from Gandia Blasco

The pergola setting is called Modula. It is an inclining pergola system leaning against the wall made of anodized aluminum and movable canroses of plastic material. Modula only have cloth in the upper part. You can build a similar structure and drape around the structure outdoor fabrics to recreate this setting.

Furnish the pergolas with lounge furniture or deep homemade benches with lots of comfy cushions. Decorate with large candles and fruit bowls. Day beds are a must. Plan to have a few if you want to host the next hip party under the sun. Put some day beds under the sun or the stars.

You can set up a bar area under the pergolas, ideally with a mixologist. If you do not know that it how we call bartender that create its cocktail recipes instead of just mixing drinks behind a bar.

Everything does not have to be monochromatic but limit yourself to two complementary shapes to create a sleek look. You can add some greenery or flower arrangements. The key is to use a single variety that you stage in a row pattern. Repetition gets you the trendy look. Look at the lamp poles in the background of the first picture to understand what I mean.

The tents are called tipi. Each one comes with a bed. For less, you can use standard tents if you make sure they look good and are all of the same colors. Set up a large barbecue area and a big fire for later.

Merendero by Gandia Blasco

Merendero is a dinner for four space. The whole creates the impression of being in a room. Very innovative, Merendero has a drape roof and two privacy walls. I think Merendero is better suited for corporate events or in the hotel business. But I show it to you because it is fun and new.

Canadian retail stores that sell Gandia Blasco’s outdoor living collections are:

  • Bonaldo in Montreal – 407 Saint-Laurent
  • Kiosk in Toronto – 99 Jarvis
  • Inform in Vancouver – 97 Water Street
  • Living Space Interiors in Vancouver – 188 Kingsway

Link: Web site of Gandia Blasco


Taking your time at the table with SEM design

Take your Time tablecloth by SEM design

I like to present you fun and practical items. This tablecloth surely qualifies.

You find questions and answers to riddles mixed on the cloth. The ingenious thing is that the Q&A can be read from both ends of the table. So you can have a friendly competition. To make it easier to read, each side is written in its own color (grey or black).

Called Take your Time, this tablecloth should be entertaining for people that live alone. It can eliminate awkward moments if you and your household mate do not know what to say to each other. If you are hooked to the TV too often while eating, this may be a fun way to get rid of this habit. Anyway, it is cute!

A brand new product by SEM design, Take your Time tablecloth was presented this week at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2007 in Milan.

SEM is a product and interior design studio located in Utrecht, Netherlands. Leave it the Dutch designers to create beautiful, open-minded and humorous everyday life products. They excel in doing just that.

Link: Take your Time tablecloth by SEM design
Via: *4001 on blog


Thinking outside the box for a Baby shower invitation

I got inspired by the creativity of a gorgeous baby shower invitation this afternoon. So I decide to talk about invitation choices and how invitation cards can make or break your party.

Custom letterpress baby book by Egg Press

I said it before; printed invitations grab more attention than an email or a phone invitation to a party. Except for wedding and milestone wedding anniversary where printed invitations are customary, sending a printed invitation tells right away that your event will be something extraordinary. You create hype which usually increases the attendance.

Letterpress and calligraphy create stunning design cards with a personal touch. Lots of small card companies have emerged in the last couples of years to suit a wide range of tastes. The printing techniques make their charms.

Custom letterpress cards and calligraphy are expensive because it is a labor intensive job. Egg Press offers custom letterpress baby book at retail locations around the USA. The Kangaroo card is from Egg Press.

You save even more by going with a card in a collection instead of exclusive design. With personalized printed cards, you select a model from a collection for which you add your personalized text.

Haute Note New Addition - Bear card

Digital printed cards and notes are a popular option because of the price. A high-end look can be achieved when you match it with a better-quality colorful envelop.

Girl Metro, a Chicago-based design studio, sells their cute models in 3 printing options: digital, offset and letterpress. You can get letterpress baby notes with return address printed envelops for as low as $2.10 USD a set, while digital costs $1.25 a set if you buy at least 200 cards.

Vancouver-based social stationary brand Haute-Note lets you buy its signature 3.25×8.25 inches personalized cards in set of 8 cards (9 envelops) for $24 CAD. The whole personalization process can be done online and Haute-Note will ship you the cards.

Stationary stores also sell numerous fill in invitation cards. These are good alternative if your budget is more limited or if you are in a hurry.

But what do you do if you want something more special?

One way to impress is to send the invitations attached to an object or in a box. I will give you two examples.

If you host a party with an Asian theme, you can write the invite on a rice paper, roll it up and attach it to a set of wooden chopsticks with a raffia ribbon. You can wrap everything with paper or clear cellophane. Or you can put everything in the box that came with the chopsticks, if any. Specialty stationery stores are your best bet to find nice envelops. Bring your chopsticks with you to see if they fit in.

Baby shower invitations by Oh Happy Day

Going back to this great baby shower invitation that inspired me to write this post. Jordan, an event planner from San Francisco made it. She posted it on her blog Oh Happy Day. This Baby shower invitation is so cute and it makes a statement.

Set like a present in a box, the printed card lay on bright yellow Lemonheads. A personalized sticker with the name of the invitee on top and a poem on the back close the box with style. Personally, I would have added a piece of light cellophane between the lemonheads and the card. This is not a cheap project but I think it worth every penny. Good work Jordan!

The final budget question is the delivery cost. To save on shipping costs, you can hand deliver the invitations. You can ask the help of a friend or two that live nearby the delivery zone. Otherwise, plan ahead how much it will cost to ship everything.

Look at the mail service requirements since both Canada Post and USPS have their own rules regarding the maximum depth for envelop. If it is too deep, it will be considered as a package. The bad news is that a package multiplies by 6 or more the shipping fees versus a letter.

There are many rules concerning minimum and maximum lengths, widths and weights. The best thing is to bring a completed sample whenever possible. One of my friends discovered last year for her wedding that her response envelops was too small. She had to pay $1.05 instead of the regular 51 cents for the stamps.

None standing all these, having an atypical invite create a Wow factor that make a lasting impression. If you can squeeze extra money on your party budget, go for it. Otherwise, rest assured that they are lots of affordable options on the market. But be certain to use your imagination to make it a little bit more fascinating.

Link: Custom letterpress printing at Egg Press – the Kangaroo card
Link: Girl Metro Baby announcement card collection
Link: Haute Note Baby New Addition collection – the Bear card
Via: Baby Shower Invitations on Oh Happy Day blog – the last picture is her design


Serving sugar and milk with Newton physics

Newton Milk & Sugar set by Tonfish Design

A Finnish designer Tanja Sipilä decided to simplify how we serve sugar and milk for our coffee. She used the principle of gravity to design the Newton Milk & Sugar set for Tonfish Design.

Newton feels like one container. In fact, Newton Milk & Sugar set is made of two containers. The milk jar is the main container. A removable sugar bowl securely rests over the milk jar. You remove the sugar bowl to fill up the milk jar.

The fun part is that you can pour the milk without removing the attached sugar bowl. The gravity keeps the sugar bowl level. This conversation piece is a good gift idea for the upcoming Mother’s Day.

Hand-made in Finland, Newton is made of a dishwasher safe, food safe, durable glazed ceramic. A gold insert sugar bowl is also available (hand-wash only). I prefer the all white sugar bowl.

Newton Milk & Gold Sugar set by Tonfisk Design

Founded in 1999 in Helsinki, Tonfish Design produces handmade tableware and home accessories with the goal to find superior solutions.

Newton Milk & Sugar is sold in several specialty stores over Canada; the complete list is published on Tonfish Web sites. In Montreal, you can find them at Spice Safar, an innovative café-boutique concept that is worthy of a visit. For people living in Toronto, go to Fluid Living since I saw on their Web site that the Newton Cream & Sugar set is currently on sale at $48, instead of the regular price of $65.

North Americans named them Cream and Sugar Set. But I am milk instead of cream girl. I will never dare to put cream in my coffee because it totally changes the coffee taste. In my book, take your coffee with milk or take it black. Moreover, I stay true to the Finnish producer who called Newton a Milk and Sugar Set.

Spice Safar Jean-Talon
77 Shamrock

Spice Safar Vieux-Montréal – only open during week days for now
407 McGill

Fluid Living
55 Mill Street Building 8, Toronto, Canada, M5A 3C4
T 416.850.4266  |  1.866.894.6965

Link: Newton Milk and Sugar Set by Tonfisk Design 
Link: Store locator on Tonfish Design Web site 
Link: Fluid Living Coffee and Tea Accessories
Via: Cream or sugar with that? on popgadget blog


2007 red dot: best of the best goes to the Yin Yang chaise longue by DEDON

Yin Yang lounge chairs by Dedon

I love DEDON products, so I am always thrilled when they launch a new collection. This young and dynamic German company creates fabulous outdoor furniture. If I become rich one day, I will furnish my whole backyard with their furniture. For now, I enjoy talking about them.

If you read any lifestyle magazines or went to a boutique hotel, you have seen their furniture many times before. Their outdoor furniture symbolizes modern chic architecture for the young and hip market niches. DEDON lines are always stylish and peaceful to look at.

The international jury presented the red dot: Best of the best award for superior design quality to the YIN YANG Signature Collection. The designer of the Yin Yang chairs is the Swiss Nicolas Thomkins. The 2007 red dot award competition reviews 2,548 entries from 43 countries.

It is not the first time that DEDON won a red dot award. Last year, the fabulous LEAF Collection was in winner. I taught about the Leaf Collection in a previous post titled Getting ready for summer with stylish pool and patio party zones.

The Signature Collection is a real challenge for the weaving artists of the DEDON manufactory to produce each one. Four kilometers of woven DEDON fiber cover each lounging chair. Designed each for one person with a round sitting cushion, the Yin chair and the Yang chair are sold separately. Select the one that matches your personality.

planters in Dedon fiber

To complete the look of your patio, buy several DEDON planters. There are four sizes to choose from. We are taking large size planters here like you see in high fashion magazines. If you are looking for stunning extra high plant pots, you definitely have to look at the DEDON planter collection.

If you are planning to host a big party this summer on a large budget, incorporate the DEDON outdoor furniture, any one of their collections will do. Mix it with signature dish food, cool drinks, gorgeous staff, superb (but not over the top) flower arrangements and an amazing DJ. I just gave you the recipe to create the Wow factor atmosphere that you are looking for.

Then, invite lots of fascinating guests. Make sure to include all the people that you care for. Mingle, laugh and dance. I guarantee that you will host the party of your life.

June 12th, 2007 Update: Price of the DEDON Yin Yang loveseats
Last week, I meet a few people that ask me this question. How much cost the DEDON Yin Yang set? I look around and I found out that the Yin Yang set by DEDON is sold for 8500 euros in Europe. In the United States it goes for $12,700 US.
Studio B Home, Plan B Office in Toronto sells each chair for $7,333 CAD (14,666 CAD).

Link: YIN YANG – Shaped by elements at DEDON Web site
Link: red dot design awards Web site – look at the news section
Via: Yin and Yang by Dedon scoops Red Dot’s 2007 ‘Best of the Best’ lounger award on My urban garden deco guide blog


A mine of flower design ideas at


Flower arrangements from

While I was flipping over the pages of a previous edition of Living etc magazine, my eyes cut a fascinating ad sponsored by the Flowers & Plants Association.

Intrigued, I went right away to, the “So simple. So try it.” campaign Web site. My expectations were high. I am not disappointed by what I seen. The navigation of the site is a little bit archaic but the content is fresh and practical. It is a must see online destination for DIY people that like to host parties.

You will learn how to keep cut flowers longer and more. The most exciting feature is definitely the flower bouquet guide. You select a style. Then you see 9 gorgeous flower arrangements with the proper instructions on how to make yourself these stylish creations. Anyone with a little bit of artistic flair and dexterity can do it.

Before you get ready for your next party, take a look at their creations for inspirations. Then go to the flower shop or the farmer market to pick up the flowers you need. Like they say on their Web site, you might surprise yourself and your mates.

The Flowers & Plants Association was formed in 1984 to promote all commercially grown cut flowers and indoor plants in United Kingdom. I think they do a good marketing job with the So simple. So try it.” campaign.

Link: “So simple. So try it.” campaign Web site sponsored by the UK Flowers & Plants Association


My tips on selecting paint colors for at home entertaining

2007 Color Trends by Sico Paint

I look at color trends as inspiration pieces. Paint manufacturers make up fresher color combinations that you may want to explore. But unless you like to repaint often, I say to use trends wisely so that the average people cannot put a year on your house decor.

I say to people to select colors they always like for walls and big items. A tip is to look at your closet and see which color stands out except black and white. Make sure that your house reflects your personality. Living in a space that looks like everybody else can be boring. I like that my home décor shows my individuality.

I never use white walls because white walls are too cold for my taste. Painting white walls show that you did not know what colors to put on in my views. You typically find colors you can live with for a long time by looking at your clothe collection.

I like toned down hues on a slightly darker shade for the walls. It creates a warm ambiance perfect for entertaining at night. I prefer brighter colors for my private rooms (bedroom, dressing room) to fill me up with energy in the morning.

Lightning is important when selecting paint colors. Most people set their light fixtures too bright. I rarely put bulbs of the maximum watts in a light fixture. Unless you are doing tasks, lower light levels are more relaxing. Lights affect your perception.

Since I have a day job, I am mostly at home during the night. Therefore, I select my paint colors to look the best at night time. Try the paint colors you like at home with your lights on to see what they will look like; do not forget play with the dimmer to see the difference. Try the colors with the natural day light. Validate again at night time. Then make your final selections.

2007 Color Trends by Benjamin Moore

If you have a small room with high ceiling, like a powder room or a hallway, I suggest putting the same color on the ceiling. It creates a more unified look. My powder room is a paler version of dry out Dijon mustard and I love it.

I learn through years of decorating that white ceiling can be a mistake. I have white ceiling and trims in most of my home. I regretted them because the ceiling stands out too much against the color walls. A good solution is to a lighter tone or a harmonizing color of your main wall color.

If you do not have children, I suggest a mat finish on the walls, especially if you live in an older house. Otherwise, use the matter finish that cleans well enough for your needs.

Many contemporary houses have weird angled ceiling. A common question is what color should you paint the angled surfaces? Paint them like the ceiling if you do not want to bring attention to them. I am not talking about boxed ceiling here. The last two pictures show different color effects for boxed ceiling. Look at the visual effects produced by a lighter hue and a darker color. The rule of thumb is that any surface with a true vertical portion is painted the same color as the wall.

My final advice is to keep trendy colors for accessories and accent pieces. You can update the look of a room in a flash with new accessories. Naturally, if you have a love connection with the trendy colors, go for it on your walls.

entertaining style by Benjamin Moore

I went to see color trends by Sico Paint and Benjamin Moore. Wow! Rich, vegetal, mature hues dominate this season, influenced by our natural environment. My heart is filled with browns, neutrals, greens and blues from Sico. The color palettes seem more muted at Benjamin Moore. We go back to square one.

I got inspired to write about my tips on colors by reading a post from a Boston-based interior designer after Abbey Koplovitz visited my blog. If you are thinking about renovating your home, have a look at On Interior Design blog for great tips by Abbey.

Link: 2007 Color Trends by Sico Paint 
Link: 2007 Colours for your Home by Benjamin Moore
Link: Stylish Entertaining Tips on Benjamin Moore Web site
Via: What’s New? Does it Always Matter? by On Interior design blog


Matching wedding cake and invite design from two Canadian gals

Brides in the City, Pavillon wedding cakes

As a Canadian blogger, I like to point out great Web sites from my country. This morning I discovered Brides in the City, a fascinating blog published by two Torontians. I lived in TO for five years a decade ago. Gal pals Diana and Holly both works on the bridal industry.

Diana Stepanovic is the owner and pastry chef of Pavillon Cakes. Diana makes traditional, contemporary and super chic cakes. Holly Hatam operates an invitation and greeting card company called TearDrop Weddings. So if you are getting married soon and live near Toronto, their blog provides good sourcing information.

Recently, these gals started doing something out of the ordinary for weddings. They use the same design for the cake and the invite. Great idea! As an event designer, I usually try not repeating the same exact pattern too many times. I approve of this application because it is a nice way to link together your design elements. Invitations should introduce the key design elements of your event. It fits the bill here.

I like the color combination on the cake I am showing you. This cake and invite combination is for brides and grooms that are looking for a modern take on a traditional pattern. It is fun to see other colors than pastels for weddings. You can play around all these ideas the next time you organize a birthday or an anniversary party.

Link: Cake and invite design on Brides in the City blog

+ Exquisite Sugar Cake Decorations
+ Two talented Canadian Cake Makers
+ I Dream of Cake

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